Mighty Final Fight – A Beat ‘Em Up Retrospective

When a person sets out to play every beat ’em up game it’s only a matter of time before they get to Final Fight. Well that person is me. And I’m going to start this retrospective series with it. Final Fight was one of my favorites in the arcade at the local bowling alley of my home town. But this isn’t your typical version that I’m talking about today. Mighty Final Fight is based on the games that most of us know and love, except it’s more of a River City Ransom like encounter.mff
First thing that I noticed were the graphics. They are appealing. It’s a very nice looking NES game. And it plays well too. The character’s signature moves are even authentic compared to the arcade hit. And its fairly true to the first Final Fight in terms of  story and level structure.mff3

There is a leveling system that is based on experience points. Except it’s useless. If the player uses a continue they lose their progress – and it takes a long time to just level up once. You will still start off close to where you died, but just not as “experienced”. It might not even matter since the only benefit from gaining a level is a longer heath bar, at least is seems. I know, more health is a big deal. But it’s an overly simple design that isn’t really explained. The primitive system in River City Ransom, where you build stats on what you eat, was much better.


Still it’s a solid beat ’em up that came out at the end of the NES’s life cycle. Mighty Final Fight is worth playing. Although you may have to emulate it because like other late releases, it’s incredibly rare.

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