Kung Fu – A Retro Review

You know you’re an asshole when everyone and their kids are running to beat you up. What did the dude from Kung Fu do? That’s the question that invades my mind.kunffu

I admit, I haven’t played this NES launch title in a long time. And as soon as I started the first stage I remembered how boring the game is. What’s the opposite of nostalgia?  As a kid I didn’t want to play it, and now as an adult I feel the same.kungfu4

This game is typically listed by historians as the original beat ’em up. But I disagree. There is no sense of impact at all when you strike an enemy, be it a grown up or a small child. It’s as if were wafting the enemy sprites away like a terrible stench.  I follow the rule that if a game doesn’t make me feel like I’m beating someone up then it’s not a beat ’em up. It’s a simple standard to live by, even for this asshole.

Sorry to all those Kung Fu supporters but the beloved genre started with another not so great game. To learn more you can watch the episode The beginnings of Beat ‘Em Up on the GOGP youtube channel. Spoiler alert…it’s Renegade.

3 thoughts on “Kung Fu – A Retro Review

  1. Ouch, harsh review. I can’t totally disagree with your review but I must admit that, while this was never my preferred game of choice, I always had a soft spot for it as it was the first game I remember watching someone play in one of my first visits to the arcade back in the day. I have the mamepro rom for it somewhere on my old computer.


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