Bad Street Brawler – A Beat ‘Em Up Retrospective

What’s truly in a title? Most times not a whole lot. But in the case of this game it’s the tale of the tape. You brawl in the street, and it’s bad. And to think it was made to be used with the incredibly cool looking yet incredibly useless Power Glove. I can only imagine how brutal this game must be with the glove since I don’t have one. I did when I was 5 but that’s another story. So I went old-school and I used a controller.


It’s obvious that no effort went into developing this game. The punching animation looks more like a lunging reach. I found out later that’s because the punch sprite is used in a later stage when you can grab enemies, more about that in a bit.

I have questions about this game. Why am I continually fighting the same looking villains? I thought Maximum Carnage was bad for that but this is something else. Also why is the main character wearing a wrestling singlet walking down the street? That actually might be the reason why everyone wants to kick his ass. bsb2

Surprisingly, there are some things I like about this game. Every stage you get different attacks, and it’s possible to simply run to the level’s mini bosses and big boss. Yes, you can just bypass dozens of those health draining jerks. Those two things help to reduce the tediousness of the whole beat ’em up experience. And it makes things a bit fun. But it’s not enough to sway my opinion. To put it politely, I don’t like this game.

Some people question of what’s in a title. In this case it’s everything.

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