The Revenge of Shinobi – A Retro Review

You can tell a game is going to be hard when it lets you cheat in the option screen. You’re actually allowed to select infinite shurikens if you know what you’re doing, but it doesn’t help all that much. If you’re curious, this is how to do it. Set the shuriken option to 0 and wait a few seconds until the 0 turns into an infinity symbol. The sideways 8 not the car company logo.

It’s also a confusing game because there is no narrative. So the player doesn’t really know what’s going on. All the enemies blow up leading me to believe they are all robots. And I don’t know why Shinobi – aka Joe Musashi is taking revenge on Spider-man, who turns into Batman, who eventually turns into an actual bat and then flies away like Count Dracula… What? Yeah exactly. And that’s not all.

The Incredible Hulk also feels the wrath of Shinobi. After he’s defeated it’s revealed to be a Terminator in disguise. Which gives my ‘everyone is a robot’ theory some real credibility. I should mention that Rambo is there too, and I don’t like having to kill him – over and over again. I mean its Rambo. And lastly Godzilla shows for some god forsaken reason. Yes, it’s very unusual that all these characters are in the game. And they’re not Easter eggs either, but bosses. All but Rambo, he’s just a common enemy.

Can you believe that The Revenge of Shinobi has been re-released many times due to copyright infringements? Spider-man actually remained in the game the longest with Marvel’s consent. The license has since expired and the current versions have replaced the web slinger with a much lamer rendition.shinobi22

I realize that I haven’t really mentioned anything about the game play.  That’s because there isn’t much to say. It’s hard. The platforming requires you to be perfect which creates some frustrating moments. And the only interesting parts of the game are the unusual bosses that I mentioned earlier. So if you can’t get a hold of an early release, just play something else.


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