Undercover Cops – A Beat ‘Em Up Retrospective

This is a Super Nintendo game that has never seen the light of a North American release. And it’s a shame because Undercover Cops is a game that deserves to be played more. I would describe to you, my awesome readers, the story but I don’t know how to read Japanese. But as far as I can tell it’s about these good looking model types who are most likely undercover cops. And I don’t know why they need to be undercover, everyone is out to kick their ass anyway. Just be a full cop and call in some damn back up. And why is the narrative in Japanese and the words during game play in English?2017-07-24-161223

The game plays just like Final Fight as most brawlers did during the era. Except unlike Final Fight this game is the closest a beat ’em up on a 16 bit console has come to actually feeling like an arcade experience. It does come at a cost. This might be the shortest game that I’ve ever played. But there are 3 characters to choose from, and you can’t switch mid-game. So there is a reason to play a couple more times.2017-07-30-212843

A beat ’em up is all about the fighting and that’s where Undercover Cops shines. I already did my spiel on it’s similarity to Final Fight so I’ll let that be – if you’ve been keeping up with my posts I know I’m starting to become very repetitive with the FF nonsense, but that’s just the way it was then and the way it has to be now. The punches and the kicks in this one are the fastest and most crisp out of all the beat ’em ups on the early consoles. The weapons that are available are just plain nuts. The first one I picked up was a big cement pillar. And swinging it around was really fun, you would have to play the game to fully appreciate it. Later on I was able to toss some really big fishes around to kill off a few more enemies. 2017-07-24-160940

The bosses that you fight are memorable but be warned the game will just end after the forth or fifth one. Since I didn’t know what the hell is going on in the story I had no idea the journey was at it’s end. It’s not like I was disappointed either because I considered myself lucky to just play this in the first place. It really is a must play for any fan of the genre.2017-07-24-161027

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