Cyborg Justice – A Beat ‘Em Up Retrospective

As I stumble along this beat ’em up retrospective, It’s very easy to get lured away from the classics. I find everyone of them all so interesting. And it happened again. A friend told me about Cyborg Justice on the Sega Genesis and how they played it non-stop as a child. I had no recollection of this one so I decided to give it a play.

The first thing that happens after a boring intro video is the opportunity to design your own cyborg. It’s seemed limited at first but after playing around with the creator there is actually a decent selection. It’s reminiscent of Fallout 4, and building my robot companions. For those who haven’t played the newest Fallout then never mind that comparison. I first gave my character a bad ass saw hand. And ironically I never did figure out how to use it.


I may have zoned out briefly during the introductory video, because I never had a firm grasp of the story. From what I can tell the main character landed on some planet and he must fight to free all the other robots who are held captive. If that is correct then it’s still a better plot that most other beat ’em ups. Even though it’s one of the story lines to The Planet of the Apes.


The controls are complex, with lots of moves and combos to learn. Hell, Mortal Kombat is easier to pick up and play. It was frustrating when I couldn’t perform the moves I wanted, when I wanted to. But once I got comfortable with a few attacks the game became enjoyable. One button is a simple attack, pretty much your standard go to move. Another button does some more powerful but slower attacks. And lastly the 3rd button is jump. So basically the player will fiddle with those button until they either give up or figure the damn thing out.


I recommend figuring it out because the best part of Cyborg Justice is how there are so many ways to destroy your opposition. A person can actually rip off the arm of the enemy and hit them with it.

After playing Cyborg Justice a while I began to realize that all of the robots look the same. In fact they all look like my custom android. I even lost track of who I was on the screen at times. It might sound stupid but it will happen to you.
This is not an Undercover Cops like experience. You only face 1 or 2 enemies at a time and they’re spaced apart. And the spaces in between are filled with these annoying missiles that come at you from no where, that you must dodge. The only difference between stages is the color of the background and degree of difficulty.


As frustrating and repetitive the game is, it’s still good. It has a fair amount of depth to it. There is a 2 player mode. And the music is well done. At times. There are parts when the music is dreadful. And I don’t know what was up with the end boss. It’s basically a complete afterthought from the developers. It seems like they spent 90 percent of their time working on the mechanics and the rest designing the actual game. But at least the mechanics are there. Flawed yes, Broken no.


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