Blog Post #1 – Sonic Mania, Megaman, Metroid

I’m conflicted with how deep I want to go with this blog, this is a gaming site that I made to put my writing out there for others to judge and/or enjoy and I think that it should stay as such. What do you guys think? I could tell you about a bunch of other shit. But for this one I’ll keep it video game relevant.


My week started off with some Megaman 7 on the new Legacy Collection from Capcom. Megaman never disappoints and people probably know what they are getting into with the blue bomber. The stages are hard and completing them require a lot of patience and the ability to memorize how the obstacles are laid out. In some cases the player needs to develop a muscle memory. So yes there is a lot of game overs. And Megaman 7 is no picnic. The First Legacy Collection contained the first six games and had a save anywhere feature,  it’s really a nice thing for those who suck at the platformer, but like navigating in and out of menus. Believe me, the only reason I can get through these games is because I put in enough reps to get good. The second and newest Legacy Collection which features the next four Megaman titles does not allow us to save anywhere. Although it is possible to save at predetermined checkpoints. There is an option to have more armor strength too, but it’s not the same crutch. I don’t know why they would change that, I just find it odd.  I will persevere but for some that may be a deal-breaker. The game itself is still outstanding and a must own for any oldschool gamer.

The bright spot of my long work week besides the bottle of Crown Royal I picked up on sale, has been the Sonic Mania collector’s edition showing up in the mail.20170820_140413 I heard of some folk’s Sonic statue showing up broken so I was grateful that mine was fine and in one piece. I’ve never bought a collector’s edition before but if they’re all like Sonic’s then I’m hooked. The statue looks great in my office, the same goes for the Sonic Mania Genesis cartridge. It fits in well with the rest of my loose carts. The hidden ring inside the fake game is the icing on the cake. The actual game itself which does not have a physical version lives up to the hype. It really is great as all the reviews have said. I always seem to struggle with Sonic games for some reason, but I still enjoy them. I’ve been neglecting my Xbox One for a while now so it’s nice to be using it this week. I got 2 great games to play through so the ole Xbox will be getting some more attention, for a bit at least. The last game I played on the console was Mass Effect Andromeda. I got bored of it after only 3 days and I haven’t been on it since.


The beat ’em up retrospective has been a fun Journey so far. I’m always so interested in  how each game progresses and I’m mostly always surprised. The genre as a whole never fails to entertained me. I even have fun playing the most terrible and tedious beat ’em ups. As upset as they make me, I’m always going back for more.


I continue to play through Metroid: Zero Mission as I lay in bed at night instead of sleeping. Usually I read to fall asleep, but who wants to read when there’s a Metroid game sitting right beside them? It’s a Gameboy Advance game but I’m playing the ROM on my PS Vita, I know, I know, don’t tell anyone.


I’m going to do my best to update these weblog posts every Saturday or Sunday so I hope you will stay tuned for that. In the meantime let me know you’re out there, what are some of your favorite beat ’em up games? And I got some special things coming up on Instagram, there will be a contest happening soon and much more pictures of old games.


Bye for now.

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