Blog Post #2 – Coffee, RIP Jay Thomas, Double Dragon

Unfortunately this week started and ended on sad notes. My Keurig coffee machine stopped working, it had a good run of nearly four years. The pump gave out and it was time to lay it to rest. I don’t hear of many people replacing the pump on their coffee machines, so tossing it into a garbage bin seemed more feasible. It was a terrible walk indeed as I carried the fallen soldier to the bin  The consequence of that event directly affected me getting a Nintendo Switch. I had some Best Buy gift cards that I’ve been sitting on for the purpose of buying a Switch. But the stupid Best Buys in my area still have yet to restock the console for whatever reasons. And I had to use some of those funds to get my new coffee machine, of course I had to get the best and most expensive one they had. There was no way I was going back to an old school drip style one. So sadly my timeline on getting a Switch has been extended indefinitely.


Now for something a little less selfish. The world lost Jay Thomas. A lot of people don’t know who he is or was, especially here in western Canada where I live, most of my friends had to google him which is a shame. He acted on shows I didn’t really watch or am familiar with. None of that mattered to me because I knew him as the radio personality. The only access to I had to Jay was through his Sirius Satellite show on the Stern channels and it was never enough. After listening to someone’s voice for so many years it’s weird how a person really feels a bond to them. It’s almost a friendship – it’s a completely irrational thought I know, since the other person has no idea of my existence. But that’s the way it is. His aloofness, his ignorance and his bad attitude combined with his wit and charm was something that I loved, many of times I would be seen laughing out loud in my car listening to his wacky stories. And now that his voice has been silenced this world has become a little less funny. Friday afternoons will never be the same again. I would give a million Keurig machines to hear Jay yell “get rid of ’em”, after a caller would piss him off, just one more time.


I found a good deal on the Double Dragon trilogy on the NES from a site called This is a free commercial for them because I like their site and I use it a lot. As I rebuild my NES collection I can’t ever count on thrift stores and flea markets to have what I’m looking for, for any normal cost, so I have to buy online. Ebay is typically overpriced but dkoldies is very fair, I definitely recommend them. But since I brought up Double Dragon I want to point out that number 3 is such a bad game, it always has been and forever will be. I have a quick write-up about Double Dragon 3 on my Instagram, it has yet to reach the webpage. The first and second game are classics especially the first one.


If you have pay attention to my Instagram posts – don’t worry no one does, you may have read that I’m interested in having some help with the beat ’em up retrospective. So if you are a writer and want to reach an audience I may be able to help. I can be reached on virtually every social media or email me at Full disclosure, I need to free up some of the time that I would normally spend on writing about beat ’em ups for some other projects I have on the go. Of course by that I mean video game related projects.


Thanks for reading and remember this is a weekly updated blog so come on back now.

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