Blog #5 – Dilemma, RPG Craving

Modern gaming has me torn. I bought Mass Effect: Andromeda months ago and I can’t get in to it. I’m dying to play an RPG. During the last couple of years my cravings have been satisfied by The Witcher 3 and Fallout 4. I have yet to touch a Switch so Breath of the Wild is out of the equation. I am a big fan of Bioware’s work, it started with my adoration of Knights of the Old Republic, but Andromeda just hasn’t captured my attention as I had hoped it would. I had to stop playing it, and I’m left thinking of all the better things I could have used that 80 bucks on.

Recently I was faced with a dilemma: I could finish Mass Effect, or buy either South Park Fractured But Whole or Middle-Earth Shadow of War – seems as if video game titles getting longer and longer. Madden 18 was in the mix, but that one can wait (until next year). If I had unlimited dollars I would get them all, but more importantly I don’t have unlimited time. The games I’m torn over are huge time investments. Long gone are the days of when I would wake ‘n’ game. I still have yet to finish Metroid: Samus Returns, and clean out my garage before the snow falls.


I chose Shadow of War and I was regretting it immediately. I did not play the first title of the series, Shadow of Mordor, and it makes the sequel difficult. It picks up right after the first, and there is no tutorial. It’s as if I was placed in the cockpit of a jet and told to go forth and save the world. As frustrating and overwhelming the first 2 hours were, I hung in and figured it out.

I cant help thinking that I should have gone with Fractured. Stick of Truth was good, I could not get enough of it. I liked how it was true to the show. I’ve been a fan of the TV series since I first discovered it being aired at midnight every Friday when I was in grade 8. So of course I should have bought the South Park game.

Even though I did figure it out, Shadow of War isn’t the RPG I thought it would be. I was expecting a Witcher 3 experience, instead it’s closer to an Assassin’s Creed style of hack ‘n’ slash. The game wasn’t satisfying my appetite for adventure. After I conquered the learning curve and became comfortable with the controls I found myself addicted. I’m currently happy with my decision and I am realizing how much I missed out on by not playing Shadow of Mordor. It really is a good game. If you’re like me, in a similar situation. Go play it.


Retro gaming isn’t anywhere near as complex. I don’t have any dilemmas when I’m dealing with the classics, I just play. It’s probably because it takes me longer to write this blog post than it does to finish most games. If the 8 bit titles came out now they would be labeled as casual games. I use that term as a negative, I don’t like IPhone games.

If you want to watch my Middle-Earth broadcasts — or whatever else I might be playing, add me on Xbox my gamertag is CBsix and find me on the Mixer app. The weather is getting colder and the trees are bare. So here’s a stunning warm bowl of corn chowder for you.


Bye for now!


2 thoughts on “Blog #5 – Dilemma, RPG Craving

  1. I know that I’m really, REALLY late commenting on this post, but I’d like to highlight something you said. Games really are gigantic time investments these days, almost to the point of annoyance in my opinion. There are games that I enjoy that eventually bored me to death due to their unnecessary length. 17 hours into Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, I was completely done with it. I just couldn’t do it anymore. I wish that, instead of getting 60-hour games to make up for the $60 price tag, we could could really short and fun games for a much lower price. And not little downloadable titles; I mean full-fledged, physical releases. That’s what triple-A games have come to, I suppose. (Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon not being an example of a triple-A console game, of course.)


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