What I’ve Done – Where Do We Go?

All I’ve ever wanted was to connect to other gamers. That was my goal over 2 years ago when I started posting to instagram as the GOGP. I wanted to let people out there know that I was gaming along through life and maybe others would see that and think to themselves that hey it’s okay. There’s enough crap in the world to bring us all down. Video games can make a bad day go away.

Since I started posting on IG I’ve put up 800 posts. All of them are unique in there own way and in each post I tried to bring a little something to the table. Anything really. I’ve explained on my world famous podcast that I began using my posts as practice for my writing, and it was worth it. I could have sucked, which I did, but worse I could have never improved. I must have done something right since I racked up over ten thousand follows with out showing anyone my tits or having to give away parts of my video game collection. I bet on myself being a communicator, and maybe I’m winning. Maybe not: I have lost over one hundred followers in the last few months.

Right now I just want to let the world know what I have done over the last two years.

I started the GOGP Show on youtube. The first three episodes went okay but it was a lot of work, and I’m a lazy SOB. So, naturally I took the show to another medium: the airwaves in the form of a podcast. I amassed over a thousand listens and still I put the show on hiatus. If you’re a fan of the show, relax, because there might be a season two one day. It’s fucking hard doing a one-man show that is live and having to bring the comedy, the content, the characters, and everything else it takes to make an on air show good all by myself. It’s hard because I have no one to blame when things don’t go right. Fuck accountability, right?

I have made other youtube videos. They are gameplay vids that have been chopped up and arranged in my style and put to music and those videos have been more successful than most things that I’ve done in my life. I had the excellent Rated F doing a wrap-up show of my instagram posts. No one else can say they had a wrap-up show about their IG posts. So I have that.

But what about the writing, yes my writing is what I love most. Most of my work can be found right here, and in the journals that I have piled up in my office/gameroom. Most of it sucks and many of the articles online are examples of how much I sucked a few years ago. The beat em up retrospective is my baby and one that I should get back to finishing. It’s all a few clicks away so go explore. Perhaps one day the entire retrospective will be available as a stand alone book. Perhaps one day I will carry on reviewing games for thexboxhub.com. Getting free games sure was great. I ended, that believe it or not, so I can play more video games. When you’re reviewing for other people you spend a lot of time with games you don’t want to. And, not getting paid isn’t great. I sure would be more motivated with some cash rolling in. Dear God, can I not make a buck doing this shit?

Speaking of books, what have I been up to as of late? Thanks for asking. Because I will have a special announcement soon, one that I will announce eventually on the GOGP Show in greater detail. Here’s the teaser: I will have 2 ebooks coming out. Two (self) published books that I want everyone to read. They will cost money but they will be super cheap. I want everyone to read em. Maybe I will try to book myself on some of the other gaming podcasts, if they’re willing to have me. Then there will be a full-blown GOGP book tour. So get excited, these books are 2 years in the making!

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