What Not To Do On Instagram Or How To Lose Ten Thousand Followers

Here’s some things to do if you want to be a big time player on Instagram: post regularly, but not too much. Use an effective mix of hashtags, and use 30 of them. Post only the highest quality of pictures you can and make the tones warmer. Warmer pictures get more likes. Interact with other accounts AKA like their shit and follow them. And, one final thing you should do is be interesting. Do all that and be patient and soon you’ll be big time.

I’ve done all the right things and I’ve said it all too. The most followers I’ve had was 12.4 k. I peaked. The new crop of retro gamers are taking over. They’re full of piss and vinegar and I’m just full of piss. They’re colorful, they’re engaging. I’m drab and I’m reclusive. Of course I’m only talking about the guys, because the girls just have to look hot. I’m not complaining I’m just as much of a fan as everyone else. My problem is I can’t beg people to like me, I’m not kissing any ass. I don’t believe in sacred cows. I’m missing that gene. The way I see the instagram gaming scene is that it started with me and it’ll end with me. I’m not a narcissist I know I’m wrong. It’s still the way I see it though.

The political climate of our civilization has ruined any aspect of fun on social media. Every goddamn opinion is now an argument. Everyone thinks they’re smart, and dummies are too dumb to know they’re dumb. Every single argument these days is dividing, no one’s ego can handle being wrong. Here’s a quick activity you can do right now: answer this question, are you smart? If you answered yes then there is a good chance you’re dumb. Are you arguing those results right now? Sorry to say but you’re really dumb.

When I started the GOGP IG account I wanted there to be an entertaining character that people could follow and enjoy. Maybe even learn some stuff about gaming. Like a Bill Nye of retro gaming. My vision got lost in the weeds and never found its way back to the light.

Now I am in the weeds with my vision and I want out. The only way that makes sense to me is to burn the entire thing down. I could just announce that the account is going away like other people do. But, I owe it to myself and to the hard work I put into the GOGP page to tear it down in the most creative way I can. I killed off the Ghost of Gamer Past. Gamer Scrooge, the recurring old man, called the Ghost busters and they put him in a trap. Now Scrooge who has been haunted by the Ghost for quite some time is in charge. He’s been going live, cutting WWE style promos, throwing consoles in the trash, and reviewing games. Gamer Scrooge is an asshole and he’s not going to pull any punches.

This series of blogs will document my destruction and tear down of my precious instagram account. Since Scrooge took over I have lost 200 followers already. It’s working. Let’s see how low we can go. IT’S SCROOGE TIME!

The Gaming Guru’s Guide To Successful Gaming is available now in ebook form on Amazon, go buy it to support this blog.

And if you want to see what Gamer Scrooge is up to see him here.

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