The GOGP Show – A Gaming Podcast

Below is a listing of all past episodes, click the name of the episode to listen.


20 – The Aladdin Faceoff – The Ghost pits the Aladdin from the SNES against the Aladdin on the Genesis, who comes out on top? A guest stops by, also the Ghost has to bear the fact that he cant say the word Mario properly. That and more.



19 – The Bad Voice Acting – The feature segment of the episode is a nice collection of bad voice acting clips in video games. A eulogy made for a gamer who went from consoles to the PC, and much much more.



18 – The Mario Episode –  The GOGP talks every Mario game, almost. He debuts his new song, some momo talk, and the GOGP loot crate game continues. All that and more.



17 – The Sound Guy Episode – The GOGP has a new sound guy, for this episode at least. Listen as he goes over the news, and his latest game called the GOGP loot box.



16 – The Guns Episode – The GOGP discusses his love/hate with Instagram and social media, and why he became the Ghost of Gamer Past. He talks about light guns and other guns that we use to play video games, and a new game that could get you a prize. All that and more.



15 – The Retro Randy Episode – The Ghost talks about the state of the show, the pronunciation of Mario. He goes over the Nintendo Direct. Brian returns and a call to Game City is made. All that and more.



14 – The Valentine’s Episode – This special episode is all about love. Join the Ghost as he revisits some of the greatest romances and most amazing sex that has happened in video games. This Valentine’s Day cuddle up with your partner and enjoy the show.




13 – The Engagement Group Episode – The Ghost talks about a certain book that he gets to edit, something that drove him crazy that happened on Instagram. He talks RPGs, which is better JRPGs or action RPGs?



12 – The 16 Bit Turtles Episode – The GOGP gives you top stories in gaming, then a moment about the villain Abobo. Before the end the show debuts 2 new segments. Nintendo Sega showdown and Turbo Tips!

the gogp show 11

11 –  The Super Bowl Episode – Your pal the GOGP goes into his thoughts on the Super Bowl, some parenting advice, Shenmue, and Mario Bros. 2. All that and much more.

The gogp show 10

10 –  The CD-i Episode –  The Ghost of Gamer Past goes off on a really bad console: the Philips CDi. He makes fun of the Mario and Zelda games on that system. There’s some news, a review of Minit on the Nintendo Switch, and much more.

the gogp show 9

09- The Bonus Show Episode –  This is a bonus Episode, why? Well listen to the show. Topics include Metroid, and Q&A with a guest!

the gogp show 8

08 – The Resident Evil Day Episode – The ghost talks about emulating with roms, some Red Dead stuff, Resident Evil day, and much more.

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